Accounting and finance careers

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General accounting careers

Chief accountant, accountant, treasurer are different roles existing within a general accounting service.  TYPICAL TASKS Accountant and chief accountant Define and control accounting material related to internal and external specifications Supervise and assist in producing the financial statements Analyze, check and present accounting information Optimize production methods Assist the budgeting process Supervise the accounting system […]

A career as a cost analyst

Competition between companies is so fierce that to play the game, companies have to manage their costs. Cost management involves not only reducing expenses (direct and indirect), but also making them cost effective with respect to the company’s strategy and objectives. This is why cost management is such a timely notion for companies—because it provides […]

Careers in financial information systems

Financial information systems are software packages that manage, record, process and distribute financial information within an organization. Analysts and financial systems consultants implement, maintain, develop and control them. Financial systems analyst or financial systems implementation consultant are two names given to financial information systems experts. TYPICAL TASKS Implement, optimize and make financial information systems operational Train […]

Careers in auditing / certification

Auditing / certification professionals control the company’s accounting and financial management. Sometimes called auditor or internal auditor, they may be employed internally, within the company, or be external service providers (consultants or self-employed professionals). Robert Half International has observed an unprecedented demand for internal auditors in Canada (2006 Salary Guide). Most of the activity is […]

Careers in taxation

Tax experts are responsible for activities linked to income tax and taxes. They make sure the tax process runs smoothly and optimize the application of tax laws for the company. Tax accountant, tax specialist, tax advisor, chief tax accountant are various roles existing within a tax service.  Tax accountants are among the most sought-after financial professionals in […]

Careers in accounting and financial management

Chief financial officer (CFO), Vice-president finance, Financial manager, Accounting manager, Corporate controller are some of the roles existing within accounting and financial management.  TYPICAL TASKS: CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER (CFO): Guide the strategy, policies, processes and accounting and financial controls Guarantee the integrity of financial results Optimize financial resources and see to the control of risk Guide business relations […]

Salaries in finance and accounting

Salarie for various jobs in the accounting and finance sector (source: 2019 salary guide / Robert Half)  DETAILED TABLES: Accountants – average annual salary in 2019: $ 68,375   General Accountant New hires High skills level  Manager $ 70,500 $ 118,750  Senior $ 58,500 $ 93,000 1 to 3 years of experience $ 43,000 $ 74,750 […]

Finance and accounting job market

With an unemployment rate of 1.9% for analysts and 2.3% for accountants, auditors and financial managers (Job Futures Canada), accounting and finance specialists are among the most sought-after professionals in Canada. “The placement rate is about 90%,” explains Nathalie Francisci, president of Venatus Conseil, a recruiting firm specializing in finance and accounting jobs. There are […]

Careers in financial analysis

Financial analysts are responsible for gathering, analyzing and disseminating financial information in the company. They can also help evaluate economic trends and make recommendations to guide financial and investment decisions. Example of job titles: Financial analyst Financial planning analyst TYPICAL TASKS Collect and analyze financial data Understand and assess the market’s economic situation and financial […] network