Applying in accounting and finance

You will find here finance, accounting or management related tools and resources to help you choose a career in finance and managerial administration, apply on chief financial officer positions, prepare for an accounting manager interview, assess your finance and accounting skill set, and much more.

Structuring your CV

Give your CV a common thread. The recruiter has to be able to easily understand your career path.Structuring your CV Seven sections are suggested: 1. CONTACT INFORMATION Last name, first name, address, telephone number and e-mail address. You can put it in the header or footer of the page. Don’t bother specifying “Contact information.” Note: […]

Personalising your CV

You should rise above the ordinaryand draw attention to what makes you special: “Your CV should not just describe the jobs you’ve had, as in a job posting. It should describe you personally, and highlight your true qualities, major accomplishments, projects that you care about. . . You have to help recruiters understand who you are.” The CV should […]

Polishing your CV

Your CV must be as clear as possible to garner interest and make reading easier. Pay attention to the visual presentation: Well spaced, homogeneous and coherent in style Graphical hierarchy in titles and sub-titles Clearly identified headings (underlines, frames, capitals, etc.) 3 pages maximum 2-cm margins minimum 10-point font size minimum (Arial and Tahoma are […]

What Finance and Accounting Recruiters are Looking For ?

KEY FINANCE AND ACCOUNTING SKILLS The priority aptitudes sought by chief financial officers when recruiting include the following appear to be: Industry-specific experience Familiarity with computer software and information technology A professional designation or a higher education degree Personality remains key during the hiring process, however, according to Nathalie Francisci, president of Venatus Conseil, a recruiting firm specializing in […]

Finance and Accounting : The Cover Letter

It is no longer mandatory to send a traditional cover letter along with your CV. Do so only if it is required or you consider it to be appropriate. Most of the time, an e-mail with your CV as an attachment will suffice. The body of your e-mail should be a short, informal cover letter. […]

Preparing for the interview

Grégory Delrue, an accounting and finance recruiter (*) , says there are seven points to carefully prepare before going for a job interview: Analyzing the job posting Finding out about the company Assessing your skills Preparing for the recruiter’s questions Preparing questions to ask the recruiter Preparing your references and your presentation (*) Comment réussir […] network