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Does a false CV automatically lead to dismissal?

Many surveys confirm it – about 40% of the population have lied on their CV. A diploma that wasn’t completed, an exaggerated internship, software not mastered… candidates often inflate their skills to gain access to the coveted position. But once hired and unmasked, how serious are these lies? “A false cv is never good, but […]


Big Data and accounting – is the future now?

It’s hard to ignore Big Data today – it’s the relentless trend of the world of business and organizations. All business areas are affected by it or will eventually be in the short to medium term. The accounting profession will not escape this profound disruption, while accountants and auditors will have to consider new ways […]


Is Cyber Insurance Insurers’ Next Mother Lode?

Cyber insurance – It’s one of the paradoxes of capitalism: the misfortune of some is often the opportunity for others. Here is an example. Take the recent cases of cyberattacks conducted against companies such as Equifax, Deloitte and FedEx. In just the first half of 2017, more than 900 attacks were recorded, with these virtual […]

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The Art of Regaining Control of your Job Interview

When the recruiter doesn’t ask questions that let you highlight your strong points, how do you turn the job interview to your advantage? Tips. An ability to engage or collaborate, a sense of organization and a spirit of initiative are all important assets for a company. Even though as a candidate you have these valuable […]

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Accounting Profession: A Changing Field

The accounting profession is not what it used to be – at the heart of a company’s strategy, being an accountant today means actively participating in the company’s development. Portrait of the “modern” accountant. Austere, isolated in his office to draw up columns of figures, dressed up in a brown suit – there are still […]


Cryptocurrencies and Bitcoins: Evolution or Revolution?

In the financial landscape since the end of the 2000s, cryptocurrencies have intrigued and created dreams… and anxieties at the same time. The recent surge in the biggest of these cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin, is proof of this. The virtual currency has multiplied its value eight times in one year and the total capitalization of Bitcoin is […]

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Balance your agenda…. to keep going

We are a generation that consumes life to the fullest, no compromise. We want a career, a family life, children and we want to keep a happy love life.  All that in 24 hours during which 8 hours are generally spent sleeping.  Result, we look at ourselves one morning, rings under our eyes, 35 years […] network