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Accounting: The Benefits of Jobs in Outlying Areas

What are the benefits for an accountant seeking a job outside the major centres? We asked Elizabeth Mercier, CPA, a tax expert at Leblanc, Bourque, Arsenault Inc. (LBA), in Maria, a small town of some 2,500 inhabitants in Baie-des-Chaleurs. Originally from Gaspésie, she worked for eight years in Quebec City, then returned to her home […]

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Job Search: How to Get Remotivated After the Summer Holidays

So you have taken a bit of a summer break in your job search, and that’s great – it’s important to recharge your batteries. But now you are having a hard time getting back into it… Here are some tips to get back into the game. Take stock If you have let go of your […]


Financial Scams to Watch Out for…

Company accountants can be the target of many electronic scams that can be very costly… According to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre (CAFC), reported losses amounted to more than $17 million in 2018. Here is a roundup of the most popular schemes and tips to avoid falling into the trap. The false executive You receive an […]

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What Stresses Accountants?

Meeting deadlines, increased demands from clients and the firm, internal and hierarchical tensions… According to a recent study, there are many causes of stress in the accounting world. According to a study by the British Chartered Accountants Benevolent Association (CABA), published in May 2019, 37% of accountants feel that their work is their main source […]

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Risks to Manage While Seeking a Job

Lack of money is the biggest risk faced by job seekers. Here are our tips of what to look out for and to reduce other risks from your lack of work. Financial risk The fear of financial fiasco may make you want to shorten your search by accepting the first job that comes along. No […]


What Happens at the Second Job Interview?

Employers are requiring a second job interview more and more frequently. This is an opportunity for you to present yourself in more depth and ask your nagging questions. Here are our five tips to make the most of this second meeting. Be glad Being called to a second interview is excellent news, and it means […]


Managers, Are You Ready to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone?

With the digital transformation that is changing organizations at lightning speed, it is more important than ever to get off the couch and embrace the future. Using every means to constantly combat your digital illiteracy is the key to success. Can digital technology be a source of enthusiasm at work? Yes and no. The human […]


A Brief Portrait of the Canadian Accountant

According to the annual 2019 Accounting and Bookkeeping Operations and Technology Survey, who are the accounting professionals in Canada, and what are they doing in 2019? Warning: it’s a lot different than the clichés! First of all, we are talking about THE accountant four times out of ten. And if we only consider bookkeeping, this […]


Accountants: New Skills Required

The accountant’s profession has not finished transforming itself. With the development of new technologies, many tasks could disappear. Number crunchers will have to develop new skills if they want to stay afloat, a survey conducted by Accounting Today reveals. Knowledge of new technologies The new technologies are central to the concerns of the profession’s leaders, […]

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What Stresses Managers?

Managing large budgets, major projects, risky investments and teams brings a lot of stress. We discuss this subject, still tabo. Pressure stresses manager. The forgotten stress at work Managers today have to be concerned about the mental health of their employees. But their own stress is often overlooked. However, one in five managers suffer from […]


Newcomers: Getting Started in Your Accounting Career in Canada

Good news for immigrants with training and experience in accounting: there is a lot of work for them in Canada! But because the profession is complex and regulated, it is necessary to be armed with patience. Tips and process. There’s no point in sending your indistinct resume to all the accounting firms in town. In […]

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CPA: Some Tips for Standing Out

Holding a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) title asset is already proof of a certain commitment. But beyond the title, what do you have to do land a job in the field? “Demand is very high. There is currently a shortage of labour. And with this shortage there are roles such as accounting technicians that are […]

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