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The Financial Sector in 2020… and beyond

What major trends will affect the financial sector in 2020… and the next few years? Let’s discuss it. The FinTechs According to a report from PwC, a leading international auditing, accounting and consulting firm, FinTechs will dramatically shake up 2020 and the years to come. FinTechs are companies, often start-ups, that combine the financial services […]


Process for Being a Merger & Acquisitions Specialist

What skills should a legal adviser hold who wishes to specialize in mergers and acquisitions? Let’s discuss it. Once again this year, the global mergers and acquisitions market weighed heavily in the balance: $3,910 billion, according to Dealogic. In Canada, 2018 and 2019 were record years for this type of transaction. Mr. Hugo-Pierre Gagnon, partner […]


Top 20 Good Professional Resolutions for 2020

The new year is fast approaching and it’s time to start thinking about your good resolutions for 2020. From a personal point of view, losing weight and quitting smoking are classics… But what about your 2020 professional goals? Here are 20 ideas to study. No worries: you don’t have to do everything, but setting two […]

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Have You Compared Your Current Salary With the Market?

After the expenses of the holiday season, now is the time to start off the New Year on the right foot. Why not compare your salary with the market? Who knows? You might be able to get the increase you’ve been hoping for for a long time.   There are many tools to find out […]

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What to Know Before Accepting a Seat on a Board

When you have proven financial, management or legal skills, it is very possible that you may be invited to sit on a board of directors. What do you have to know before accepting this role that comes with its share of responsibilities? Accepting for the right reasons Although the offer is flattering, a time for […]


Propelling Your Career by Becoming a CPA

Courted in all sectors of activity, the CPA (Certified Professional Accountant) flaunts their acronym with pride. And for good reason! At the crossroads of accounting and management, CPAs are accountants “to the tenth power”. With a bachelor’s degree and advanced graduate training, they have spent two years in an internship and passed the cross-Canada exam […]

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Looking For a Job? Here’s What to Avoid at All Costs!

Finding an exciting and rewarding job is not easy! Here are some faux pas that can ruin everything… right from square one. Not coming to terms with a job experience Dismissal, psychological harassment, seeking new challenges… The end of a job should never be taken lightly. It’s necessary to take the time to take on […]

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How to Get an Internship in a Large Firm

Want to get a paid accounting internship in a large financial institution this summer? It’s better to start early! In finance, recruitment takes place no later than January, sometimes as early as the beginning of fall. How to get an internship that will make a difference on your resume. Make several applications Getting an internship […]


The Exploratory Meeting – A Tool to Revive Your Job Search

More subtle than sending a resume, the exploratory meeting is a way to open doors to potential employers without necessarily appearing to beg for a job… Let’s see what it is. The exploratory meeting is an informal meeting that is requested with a director, manager or professional of the same hierarchical level, to obtain information […]


The Characteristics of a Good Financial Analyst

Financial analysts play a strategic role in an organization. He or she collects relevant information to analyze and then recommend actions to senior management. To carry out this mission, a good financial analyst has to possess and develop a variety of qualities and skills. Training and certification First of all, they hold a Bachelor’s degree […]


Technology Skills – More Than Just an Asset

These days, having technology skills is a major asset in many fields and can play a big role when it comes time to get a new job. Indeed, a recent survey conducted by the Robert Half Finance and Accounting firm revealed that in Canada, in the financial sector, technology skills are those most in demand… […]

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Looking for a job in accounting? Prospects are looking good…

A recent global survey by staffing firm Robert Half shows that accounting graduates are in high demand by Canadian companies. Highlights. New university graduates have something to celebrate – job prospects are promising in many sectors, including accounting. In fact, more than three-quarters (76%) of managers surveyed said they were actively looking for the best […]

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