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Founded in 2003, the mission of Janet David + Associates Inc. is to help build and sustain thriving, caring organizations in a diverse, dynamic world.

We are a local firm with global reach.

We offer a hands-on, strategic, cost-effective and sophisticated approach to executive search, recruitment and management consulting.

We have 26 years of experience in providing strategic management consulting and executive search services.

Our expertise lies in understanding people and systems and in applying this understanding effectively to specific situations. Accordingly, we have worked with clients in the public and private sectors and across a wide array of industries, including: healthcare; food services; telecommunications; high technology;  utilities; education; retail automotive and manufacturing.

We have a knack for quickly developing a sound appreciation for the unique aspects of the contexts within which our clients operate.

We possess a sound grounding in supporting organizations from the front-line to the Board Room.

We are currently looking for great people with outstanding employer organizations. If you would like to learn more about a specific opportunity, please click on the role you are interested in.

Contact us 300 - 1055 West Hastings Street
Vancouver, BC V6N 2E9
Industry Recruitment, Employment services

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