Technology Skills – More Than Just an Asset

These days, having technology skills is a major asset in many fields and can play a big role when it comes time to get a new job.

Indeed, a recent survey conducted by the Robert Half Finance and Accounting firm revealed that in Canada, in the financial sector, technology skills are those most in demand… and the scarcest. 

Financial executives surveyed in this study said they had difficulty finding accounting candidates with this knowledge. But with the growing importance of technology, this expertise is becoming essential.

Facing the current reality
In an era when digital technologies are increasingly important to the way companies operated, employers are seeking leaders who can help manage the technological changes they face. They want employees who will help them develop their company’s practices.

As David King, Senior District President for Robert Half Finance and Accounting, explains, “Businesses are increasingly dependent on data for strategic decision-making. They are therefore focusing more than ever on the search for professionals with the necessary analytical skills to interpret and implement this knowledge.”

Skills sought
Analysis of business issues is one of the most sought-after skills. In fact, 28% of the managers surveyed said that these qualifications are mandatory for all accounting and finance positions in the company where they work, while 52% of respondents indicated they are necessary for certain positions.

But it is clear that this qualification is highly valued, since 89% of the businesses where these respondents are employed offer the opportunity to their staff to improve their skills and develop their knowledge in this are of expertise.

In addition, since 94% of the financial managers surveyed said that they use or plan to soon use cloud computing, employers are also seeking candidates who have the knowledge to manage these systems.

Qualifications that help climb the ladder
According to Mr. King, “Professionals should proactively familiarize themselves with emerging and sought-after skills in order to demonstrate their mastery of the field and increase their value in the ever-changing financial sector.”

In short, since few candidates have these skills, it is an important point to highlight in your resume to get a new job or negotiate your next raise!
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