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Manager, Supervision Sector (Banking)

November 28 2019
Industries Public administration
Categories Accounting, Finance, Bank, Insurance, Financial services
Montreal, QC


As a support to the director for an assigned portfolio of financial institutions, this position is responsible for the day-to-day risk management analysis and direction of a team of professionals providing Prudential Supervisory activities in accordance with OSFI's Supervisory Framework. These activities assess the safety and soundness of banking/deposit-taking institutions with the primary mission to safeguard depositors and policy holders from undue loss. This includes:

  •  Review and provide timely input into the assigned FRFIs' key risk areas, internal risk management and internal control practices, risk models, etc.;
  •  Operationalize day-to-day Supervisory activities associated with the assigned FRFI (e.g. planning and executing the supervisory strategy; analyzing and assessing of the financial condition, risk profile and risk management practices; reviewing and maintaining documentation; writing reports and making presentations to a range of stakeholders, including senior management; following up on all issues reported on;
  •  Contribute to OSFI banking-related policy development;
  •  Providing operational leadership to a small team of professionals in charge of the direct prudential supervision of a portfolio of deposit-taking institutions.

Developing, coaching, and leading staff are part of key responsibilities of this position.

The successful candidate will possess varied and solid experience in the financial services industry and an in-depth understanding of the performance indicators and/or regulatory metrics common to the financial industry and techniques used in their measurement and management.

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