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More flexible MBAs

Some options less time-consuming than the classic research Master’s degree make it “easier” to add a graduate degree to your resume. The EMBA, for Executive MBA, are accelerated training courses of two years or less intended for professionals working full time. Why sign up? This type of general training has been designed for professionals who […]

Career management

What to Know Before Accepting a Seat on a Board

When you have proven financial, management or legal skills, it is very possible that you may be invited to sit on a board of directors. What do you have to know before accepting this role that comes with its share of responsibilities? Accepting for the right reasons Although the offer is flattering, a time for […]


The Characteristics of a Good Financial Analyst

Financial analysts play a strategic role in an organization. He or she collects relevant information to analyze and then recommend actions to senior management. To carry out this mission, a good financial analyst has to possess and develop a variety of qualities and skills. Training and certification First of all, they hold a Bachelor’s degree […]

Career management

How to Work as a CPA in the United States

While numbers and their calculations know no borders, the right to work as a CPA outside the country brings its own set of requirements. Here are the steps to export your CPA career (including your title) to Uncle Sam’s country. Since the beginning of 2018 it has been possible to work within our neighbour to […]


Accounting: The Benefits of Jobs in Outlying Areas

What are the benefits for an accountant seeking a job outside the major centres? We asked Elizabeth Mercier, CPA, a tax expert at Leblanc, Bourque, Arsenault Inc. (LBA), in Maria, a small town of some 2,500 inhabitants in Baie-des-Chaleurs. Originally from Gaspésie, she worked for eight years in Quebec City, then returned to her home […]


Financial Scams to Watch Out for…

Company accountants can be the target of many electronic scams that can be very costly… According to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre (CAFC), reported losses amounted to more than $17 million in 2018. Here is a roundup of the most popular schemes and tips to avoid falling into the trap. The false executive You receive an […]


A Brief Portrait of the Canadian Accountant

According to the annual 2019 Accounting and Bookkeeping Operations and Technology Survey, who are the accounting professionals in Canada, and what are they doing in 2019? Warning: it’s a lot different than the clichés! First of all, we are talking about THE accountant four times out of ten. And if we only consider bookkeeping, this […]

Pay and benefits

The salary of the financial analyst, by province

Financial analysis is crucial in the development of organizations and companies and the variety of salaries of these professionals is there to prove it. The following is an overview of average salaries, excluding bonuses and benefits, paid to financial analysts in Canadian provinces according to the experience and degree of complexity of the position. These […] network